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Sign up for Harry Hartman's affiliate program, designed for you in mind. Are you passionate about South African wine just as much as we are? Check out our affiliate program. 

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What is a Wine Affiliate?

A valuable partner who promotes the company's products through various online platforms and marketing efforts.

Why Become our Affiliate? 

By joining us, you can earn commissions on sales generated through their referral links or promotional activities. It allows wine enthusiasts and people like you who have an online presence to monetize your passion for wine as well as other perks including, exclusive content and discounts. 

Want to hear about our story?

As a group of friends, we decided to embark on a new journey to explore the Cape terroir and our love for wine. In 2019 we began with two wines under the Harry Hartman label – a Bordeaux-styled red blend from Stellenbosch and a Shiraz. Since then, our collections has blossomed.

Our mission is to share our love for premium South African wines and the stories and personalities for friends at home and those around the globe.