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Chenin Blanc - This wine is as beguiling as Chenin Blanc should be. Some wines can enchant you with a mélange of flavours, and here, there is no shortage of ripe kumquat, guava, frangipani, fennel and dill aromas.

On taste, a fusion of tastes delivers rich notes of melon and cinnamon-dusted pineapple that are underpinned with a creamy edge and balanced with tangy acidity. A refreshing bitterness of orange pith adds a lift.

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As this wine warms up in your glass, it is even more forthcoming with melon and cinnamon-dusted pineapple

It is always exciting to compare Chenin Blanc's expressions from different terrains. The diversity of the South African Winelands compelled Harry Hartman to show two Chenins from two sought after Chenin territories. This Swartland Chenin proved a best-seller for Harry Hartman, with local and international customers alike.


The Swartland Chenin wears its heart on its sleeve, showing a blossoming shade of pale lemon, anticipating its future frock of a more beguiling appearance. 


Rich, yellow fruit gestures a full-bodied Chenin Blanc sans overtly post-fermentation characteristics with the promise of being an ambassador for a region that has become a trailblazer for South African Chenin Blanc. Without forfeiting that beguiling character synonymous with Chenin Blanc, it is the perfume of lemongrass, citrus blossom, orange candy and flaky pastry that captures the imagination most, tempered with the earthy aromas of a winter forest. 


The wine is dry yet elevated by a fruit ripeness, adding a tangy mouthfeel. The acidity melds with a salty taste that effortlessly seasons the wine and allows its different layers to timely award your senses. The flavour intensity of stone fruit persists, becoming richer as the wine warms up in the glass, sharing fuller-toned aromas of caramelised orange zest and stewed loquat, adding a profound depth to the wine.

The wine has a long finish, ushered by a subtle and fresh salinity. Take note of how temperature affects a wine like Chenin and how, if served too cold, it can subdue some of its subtleties but served too warm can irradicate its elegance and flatline what a tremendously lively wine this is. 

Given all the generous fruit that the sun coax into a Swartland Chenin Blanc, the balance of freshness, a creamy texture, and the austere edition of savoury specs complete this wine.

The wine's balance directly contributes to the wine's persistence, which celebrates the wine's concentration and complexity. A hallmark Chenin Blanc that is undoubtedly suitable for ageing, that's if you can resist not opening a bottle once you've read this.