FINN 2020 | Rhône Blend (S82,G11,C7)

R 195.00

Rhône Blend - a perfect blend of Syrah, Greanche and Cinsaut. Grenache-led, the wine is rich and full-bodied, with grenache provides a rich texture and fruity notes of plum and dark cherries, Syrah adding spice and earth tones, and Cinsaut finishing off with an excellent firm tannic structure. 

Like Harry’s favourite child, this wine is bold and full of personality. A smooth operator.

Syrah 82% | Grenache Noir 11% | Cinsaut 7%

2020 Sold Out - New vintage available soon.

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Our Hôme Blend

Delicious. Surefooted, charming and irresistible. 

Everybody wants a companion that will never disappoint you, and this summer-red offers just that - serious enough to enjoy with food and delectable on its own. Finn is a wine everybody wants to come home to - rewarding your palate with bags of flavour as expected from a blend of Shiraz, Grenache Noir and Cinsaut.

The nose is that of a red fruit bowl. Or walking through a bakery with berry crumble pies just coming out of the oven. Smooth acidity and tannins, lot’s red fruit, some resemblance to a gluhwein. The spiciness and pepper of shiraz, and the soft fruit from the cinsault and grenache.

Drink Finn at home, beside the fireplace, beloved cat on lap.  Some have a house wine, we call Finn our home wine.

Meet Finn. Harry’s cat. 

Always beautiful, sometimes contemptuous. 

A smooth operator. Best enjoyed beside a fireplace with people he loves, at times he chooses. Just like this wine.