Handcrafted South African Gin

R 375.00
500 mL

Howzit Gin 

Howzit, Hello. Our Howzit gin is locally handcrafted in South Africa. This classic beauty from Juniper berries is infused with lemon and orange zest for a dry yet crisp aroma. Crafted with care, our gin uses fresh water from the mountains. Enjoy our Howzit gin, a sip from nature. 

Ingredients: C-Spirit, mountain water, Juniper berry, lemon, and orange.

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Handcrafted Gin

Our gin is handcrafted using small-batch production with artisanal, manual processes and meticulous botanical selection. Our distiller uses unique flavours and precise craftsmanship. We focus on quality, creativity, and a personal touch in our gin production.

Cocktail Creations or Sip in Solitude?

Gin & Tonic

Howzit Gin has beautiful lemon and orange flavours that are perfectly matched with bitter-sweet tonic, topped with ice. You can also enjoy it straight; however you like it.

Classic Martini

Stirred or shaken. A timeless cocktail with gin and dry vermouth. t's known for its clear, chilled, and elegant appearance. Top it with a lemon, olive and enjoy.


Bold and vibrant. Gin Campari and sweet vermouth. Garnish with an orange slice for a bittersweet ending.