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Shiraz | Syrah - Sophisticated, multi-regional wine. Engaging perfume of potpourri, violets, and sandalwood marks the first introduction to this wine before inviting your senses into the comforting aromas of cranberry shortbread and warm French patisserie.

Mouth-filling plum and black cherry fruit persist on the palate teasing with hints of salted dark chocolate and a savoury edge of thyme and cedar. Polished tannin and a nudging acidity add finesse and definition.

Wine of Origin: Western Cape (Stellenbosch and Cederberg)

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The wine introduces itself with confidence in youthful and vibrant ruby hues.

Somewhat austere, one is taken by its ethereal perfume that engages you to discover more intricate nuances. Its journey in the glass starts with delicate notes of potpourri, violets, and sandalwood, balanced with the comforting aroma of cranberry shortbread and warm French patisserie. Congruent to the nose, the wine fulfils its promise with a vibrant yet nimble expression of young plum, red currants, cherry, and dried fig with a subtle savoury edge of thyme and cedar. A judicious use of large foudre and older oak barrels complements the fruit, adding a textured mid-palate while a significant percentage of whole bunch fermentation concludes with a pruned rose-bush character and lifted freshness to balance the tannins.

​Floral notes persist on the palate, teasing with hints of salted dark chocolate shavings and a nudging acidity. Beautifully executed to honour the delicate, almost light-footed, and feminine personality of this Syrah, it melds the quintessential characteristics of both Old and New World.


Albeit deep with a liquid velvet ruby appearance, there is a brilliance to the wine that elevates it with purple, almost blue tones present in its youth. 


Lovers of Bordeaux blends can anticipate this wine to evolve beautifully, as it is still reticent and holding back. Enjoyed young, the wine asks to be decanted to ease itself into what it wants to be – a powerful signature blend in the Harry Hartman stable. The wine has an intense floral and earthy quality of bruised violets, frankincense, and pine sap. A herbaceous aroma of rosemary, mint and thyme blends in with the sweeter notes with oak-derived flavours like cloves and smoke but is reluctant to share its fruit characteristics at first. 

Aerating this young and profound red blend, it reluctantly shares notes of capsicum and blackberry clusters not quite right for the picking. Secretive indeed and a wine that will timely show itself. 


It is much more generous upon tasting, with tannin surprisingly integrated for its age. The wine is bone dry, and the acidity performs a balancing act with the deft tannin. The alcohol is brought to heel with abundant fruit that livens the palate with a velvety mouthfeel, unearthing any awkward edges. Undoubtedly a full-bodied wine that beholds its integrity with more characteristics coming alive on the palate like black plum, liquorice, blackberry, cassis, and the sweetness thereof that lingers for a long and defined finish.

Some say Shiraz, some say Syrah.

We don’t really mind what you call it, as long as you enjoy it as much as we do.

We can repeat the Some say Shiraz, some say Syrah again where you had it, but then delete the we don’t really mind bit, just launch straight into Syrah is known to perform well across the diverse wine regions of South Africa, offering the robust fruit expression of a typical Shiraz or the genteel savouriness of a Syrah.

Ancient soil plays a pivotal role in the wines’ ability to express the essence of a place, and the decision of blending regions presents a multi-layered wine, executed with flair and finesse.

The Somesay Syrah encapsulates the spirit of both the Cederberg and Stellenbosch regions in a display of vivacious red and darker fruit.

The knock-on effect of a prolonged drought in the Cape gave rise to reduced yields in the 2019 harvest, delivering smaller berries to impart more intensity in the final wine.

Bottling date: 14 February 2020 | Drink now to 2030