CORACLE 2020 | Bordeaux Style Blend

R 420.00

Bordeaux Style Blend 

CS40, M21, PV20, CF19

Confident and focused. The Cape wine has an intriguing perfume of bruised violets and frankincense. Cooler aromas of rosemary and mint meld with sweeter oak-derived flavours of cloves and smoke, revealing a deeper core of cassis and plum.

Undoubtedly full-bodied with an expert balance of oak, integrated tannin and acidity brightening the palate. Great concentration, tension and persistence make for a complex and elegant wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon (CV) 40% | Merlot (M) 21% | Petit Verdot (PV) 20% | Cabernet Franc (CF) 19% 

Top 10 for the Prescient Signature Cape Bordeaux Blend Report 2023 (93 points)

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If you were anticipating the second vintage of the Coracle, it was worth the wait. 

 Its hedonistic charm of plum, mulberry, cassis and blackberry are underpinned with masculine notes of English leather, cedar, tobacco, truffle, and cured meat. On entry, the wine provokes the palate with firm, corseted tannins that makes way for a delicious and mouth-filling mid-palate.

This suave cabernet sauvignon-driven blend is undoubtedly intended to set sail for a long-lived journey and beckons those in search of a focussed and multi-faceted wine. Adorning this solid backbone, Merlot contributes with lively red fruit and a cool note of fennel that resurfaces as the wine develops in the glass. Trailed by hints of graphite and capsicum, Cabernet Franc takes a bow, adding even more defined fruit and finesse. 


Albeit deep with a liquid velvet ruby appearance, there is a brilliance to the wine that elevates it with purple, almost blue tones present in its youth. 


Lovers of Bordeaux blends can anticipate this wine to evolve beautifully, as it is still reticent and holding back. Enjoyed young, the wine asks to be decanted to ease itself into what it wants to be – a powerful signature blend in the Harry Hartman stable.

The wine has an intense floral and earthy quality of bruised violets, frankincense, and pine sap. A herbaceous aroma of rosemary, mint and thyme blends in with the sweeter notes with oak-derived flavours like cloves and smoke but is reluctant to share its fruit characteristics at first. 

Aerating this young and profound red blend, it reluctantly shares notes of capsicum and blackberry clusters not quite right for the picking. Secretive indeed and a wine that will timely show itself. 


It is much more generous upon tasting, with tannin surprisingly integrated for its age. The wine is bone dry, and the acidity performs a balancing act with the deft tannin. The alcohol is brought to heel with abundant fruit that livens the palate with a velvety mouthfeel, unearthing any awkward edges. Undoubtedly a full-bodied wine that beholds its integrity with more characteristics coming alive on the palate like black plum, liquorice, blackberry, cassis, and the sweetness thereof that lingers for a long and defined finish. 

Harry Hartman Coracle Bottle

Again, like its predecessor, the Coracle is a hallmark Bordeaux blend that is confident and profound and made with focus and precision. 

The concentration and persistence make for a complex and multifaceted wine. The expert balance of oak and judicious extraction will timeously reveal more intriguing qualities as the wine evolves.

The acidity adds a lifted touch to the finish and weaved in as a structural element, will further aid the longevity.

Harry Hartman's Coracle Bordeaux Blend Label, Coracle, small round light weight fishing boat

 A coracle or a 'cwrwgl' as it was originally named in Welsh, is s a small, round boat.  It was used more than 2000 years ago and is still used today as a fishing boat. We chose this name to represent our maiden journey, setting sail together in a simple fashion, using age-old tradition in a modern way.