Our Labels

The Stories Behind Our Wines

Sharing what we believe to be some of the Cape's most extraordinary wines, stories and personalities with our friends around the world.

Our business started in 2019 when our founders, Sean “Harry” Harrison and Marcel Hartman, decided to share some of their favourite wine produced in the Cape and beautifully labelled by Sean.

Syrah | shiraz


It seems there is some confusion as to whether it is Shiraz or Syrah. It is in fact the same grape varietal, a different style. Old World, New World, light, full, there's beauty everywhere and we find it right here in this wine.

Some say Shiraz, some say Syrah, we dont really mind what you call it, as long as you enjoy it as much as we do.

Bordeaux styled blend


A coracle or a 'cwrwgl' as it was originally named in Welsh, is a small, round boat. It was used more than 2000 years ago and is still used today as a fishing boat.

We chose this name to represent our maiden journey, setting sail together in a simple fashion, using age-old tradition in a modern way. At the start of each voyage, there are obstacles and risks, and yet some set sail anyway. Coracle is a tribute to all those who have taken a chance to do what they love.

Chenin Blanc


A place where people go to be together, united in purpose, to seek refuge, guidance, peace. Sometimes to celebrate and sometimes to mourn. Sometimes simply because it's Sunday. Always together. We honour these places and all of the reasons people congregate. May we find our way together.

It is always exciting to compare Chenin Blanc's expressions from different terrains. The diversity of the South African Winelands compelled us to produce two Chenins from two sought after Chenin regions.

The church sketched on the Stellenbosch Chenin is the old Lutheran Church on Dorp Street, an iconic Stellenbosch street. Here heritage meets with contemporary and devotion is found and practised in both.

The Swartland church is in Darling, a small, picturesque, uniquely South African town. Here time seems to pass at a slower speed and the crisp air is surprisingly softer than expected.  We think you'll find a favourite church between them.

Story behind our label


Our newest wine found its name when Sean "Harry", working on his laptop, was interrupted by his affectionate cat, Finn, seeking attention. Sean realised the wine embodied qualities akin to Finn – always beautiful, sometimes contemplative. Finn loves residing besides the fireplace with loved ones, at times he chooses.

So, meet Finn, Harry's cat. A smooth operator for a perfectly smooth red blend.

Sauvignon blanc


When swallows start to fill the sky, summer approaches with her long, languid days. Swallows follow the summer weather by migrating to warmer regions during the colder months. This is the time to be outside and feel the warmth of the sun. Our spirits lift, and the birds lead the way into a new season. 

Our Summer label epitomises this celebration of a new season, a fresh attitude and the joy of warm summer days ahead.