Founded in 2019

Harry Hartman Wine Co.

We have a deep and passionate love for the Cape, her terroir and the talents and character of her people. All of these have inspired us to showcase and share with our friends, both at home and abroad, what we believe to be some of the Cape's most extraordinary wines, stories and personalities.

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Our Story

This is not a business backed by an illustrious wine-farming family or centuries-old landowners - there will always be a special place for those fine businesses in the South African wine industry.

Harry Hartman believes there also needs to be space for sommeliers, viticulturists, wine poets, and wine enthusiasts. A unique space for people prepared to work hard to add to the industry, to share methods and madness's, and to add something a little different to create a broader more vibrant wine world.

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OUr purpose

"Trying to offer the wine world something a little different."

Friends with a passion for good wine

Our business started in 2019 when our founders, Sean “Harry” Harrison and Marcel Hartman, decided to share some of their favourite wine produced in the Cape and beautifully labelled by Sean. 

They soon realised they needed more - more wine, more money, more talented hands on deck - to grow the brand and the business into a full range of wine showcasing the depth and variety of the Cape's terroir. 

Enter Simon, Stan and Jen. Together, we are more.

How it all started?


The Mosi Wines Collaboration

We believe in, and are passionate about collaboration.  Winemakers, Estates, Producers, Chefs, Personalities, and other wine-obsessed friends are some of the connections we cultivate to help us create unique and distinctive products.