Swartland is renowned for its rugged beauty and pioneering spirit. Picture vast, open landscapes under a blazing sun, where old vine Chenin Blanc and Syrah flourish in the granite-based soils. Our Church Swartland Chenin Blanc (sold out) showcases the region’s unique minerality and complexity, with flavors of quince, apricot, and honey. Swartland’s warm climate and rich soils contribute to wines that are both robust and nuanced, reflecting the region’s distinctive character.

Old Vine Chenin Blanc

Swartland is famed for its old vine Chenin Blanc, which benefits from the region’s granite-based soils. These soils impart a distinctive minerality and complexity to the wines, with flavors of quince, apricot, and a touch of honey.

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The warm climate of Swartland produces rich, robust Syrah. Expect deep, concentrated flavors of blackberry, plum, and pepper, with a lush texture and balanced tannins. The region’s climate and soil combine to create wines of exceptional depth and character.

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