Bordeaux Blend

This suave cabernet sauvignon-driven blend is undoubtedly intended to set sail for a long-lived journey and beckons those in search of a focussed and multi-faceted wine.


Chenin Blanc

An exotic character adds intrigue, yet it remains emphatically consistent with a more ethereal style, still holding back its more robust qualities. 


Shiraz | Syrah

The wine introduces itself with confidence in youthful and vibrant ruby hues. Somewhat austere, one is taken by its ethereal perfume that engages you to discover more intricate nuances.


Sauvignon Blanc

A beautiful attribute of a good Sauvignon Blanc is the traces of grass and crushed wildflowers it often leaves in an empty glass, beckoning you to pour another round. 


Bordeaux Blend

Reminiscent of a footpath laced with Cape Fynbos, the wine unleashes a refreshing fragrance born from sun-baked-slate, ripe berry fruit, and a peppery perfume of lavender, and buchu.