Nestled in the Overberg mountains, Elgin is a hidden gem known for its lush landscapes and cool climate. Picture rolling vineyards enveloped in morning mists, where the air remains refreshingly cool throughout the day. This unique climate allows grapes to ripen slowly, preserving their natural acidity and fresh flavors. Our Summer Elgin Sauvignon Blanc captures this essence, delivering crisp notes of green apples, melon, grapefruit, and lime. Similarly, the Myst Elgin Pinot Noir thrives here, benefiting from the high altitude and cooler temperatures to produce a delicate wine with balanced acidity and flavors of ripe cherry and cranberry.

Cool Climate

The cool climate of Elgin, characterized by misty mornings and moderate temperatures, plays a crucial role in shaping the region's wines. This climate allows for a slow ripening process, which helps to retain the freshness and vibrant acidity in the grapes.

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Sauvignon Blanc

Elgin’s Sauvignon Blanc is renowned for its crispness and bright acidity. Expect flavors of green apple, lime, and a hint of gooseberry, with a refreshing minerality that reflects the region’s unique terroir.

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Pinot Noir

Elgin’s Pinot Noir benefits from the cool climate, producing elegant wines with a delicate balance of acidity and fruit. Look for flavors of ripe cherry, cranberry, and subtle earthy undertones, creating a wine that is both refined and expressive.

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