How did this slightly wacky group of wine-obsessed friends come to be?

Other than creating beautiful wine for their friends and family to enjoy, neither of our founders had really thought about what it was that they wanted to achieve.

Fuelled by passion, with no real roadmap - isn't that how the greatest adventures begin? Well, that's how this slightly wacky, group of wine-obsessed friends got started back in 2019 when Sean and Marcel first began to create beautiful brands to complement premium Cape wine.

It soon became clear just how much it mattered to them to be positive players in the wine industry through promoting South African wine locally and abroad. Sean's idea is to take high-quality South African liquids and package them in the most flattering and appealing way. That way Harry Hartman gets to show them off at home - and especially abroad - and enable these incredible liquids to fetch the prices they deserve. 

To achieve this, these two realised they needed more - more wine, more money, and more talented hands-on deck to grow the brand and the business into a full range of wines that showcase the depth and variety of the Cape's terroir. 

Enter Simon, Stan and Jen. Together, we are more.

This is not a business backed by an illustrious wine-farming family or centuries-old landowners - there will always be a special place for those fine businesses in the South African wine industry. Harry Hartman believes there also needs to be space for sommeliers, viticulturists, wine poets, and wine enthusiasts. A unique space for people prepared to work hard to add to the industry, to share methods and madness's, and to add something a little different to create a broader more vibrant wine world.

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