At the end of October, our Somesay Shiraz 2021 proudly secured a Double Gold at the Veritas Awards. Our Somesay is a blend of Shiraz and Syrah style wine, the same grape varietal with two different names, giving different expression to the same varietal. So, some say Shiraz, some say Syrah, and we say, as long as you enjoy it as much as we do, the name is irrelevant.
We want to say a big thank you to the Veritas judges and main sponsor Deloitte for hosting us at the superb public and private tastings around the country.  As participants at the Shiraz (Syrah!) table, it was a pleasure to be able to introduce our beloved Somesay alongside some phenomenal wines from a myriad of producers.
Founded in 2019, our wine company is just a sapling compared to many of those beside whom we stood, who hold decades or centuries of history. It was heartening to meet wine lovers, keen to try old and new wines, and eager to explore the unconventional and the story behind our label.
What struck me was the genuine interest in South African Shiraz and in a new company and our journey. Recounting the struggles, successes, mistakes and the art of building a brand was interesting for many of the attendees, and we made new friends who who wanted to understand the vision behind our wines and why we love what we do.
The evenings at the Veritas Awards and country-wide tastings were not just a celebration of accolades but a celebration of shared stories and the love for good South African wine.
Somesay Shiraz 2021 wins Double Gold at Veritas Awards


  • Judi Dyer said:

    Congratulations. How very special for you all.

    February 05, 2024

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