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Merchandise for Wine Enthusiasts

Harry Hartman's merchandise collection offers a stylish array of hoodies, caps, t-shirts, and more. Available in classic black and white, these pieces are simple yet versatile.

By joining our exclusive club memberships, you unlock a world of benefits. Choose between Black, Gold, or the luxurious Black and Gold tiers, each offering unique exclusivity. Enjoy early access to new merchandise, exclusive designs, discounts, and access to members-only events. Whether you're a fashion enthusiast or seeking an elevated club experience. 

Why Harry Hartman?

Our journey commenced in 2019 when our founders, Sean "Harry" Harrison and Marcel Hartman, decided to share some of their favourite Cape wines, covered with Sean's labels.

We believe that wine is not just about what's inside the bottle, but the story and personalities that accompany it. Behind every wine there is a story.