We often get asked how all of our wines fit together, and we like to think of them as characters in the Harry Hartman family.

First, meet the Summer Sauvignon Blancs—our teenage non-identical twins. The twins are both young and very pretty, yet distinct. Summer Stellenbosch spent her last summer soaking up the sun and embraces a lively and vibrant spirit. Sister Elgin spent her days in the mountains, rendering her crisp and invigorating.

Next our Chenin's – beloved grandparents, ageing beautifully. We always find Grandma Stellenbosch in her Sunday best, refined and tasteful. Grandpa Swartland is at her side, suave and distinguished, always a twinkle in his eye.

Then there's Somesay, Harry's elegant wife. She's something special, sophisticated yet down-to-earth with a warm welcoming presence that makes you feel at home, as a great Syrah should. A classic and elegant woman of great character - sometimes this, sometimes that, always keeping us on our toes.

Finn cat sitting

Finn is Harry’s oh-so-special cat. Affectionate and playful, he’s loved by everyone and turns a house into a home. 

Meet Myst, the mysterious Pinot Noir cousin from out of town. Elegant, like her aunt Somesay, yet secretive, as if she knows something of great importance but will not tell, adding a touch of intrigue to family gatherings.

Coracle and Mosi are the family's mature and very interesting uncles. Uncle Coracle is a seasoned traveller with a love for fishing and outdoor adventures. He entertains you with traditional stories from distant lands, sharing the wisdom of experience. Uncle Mosi, slightly heftier due to his expanded Cabernet Sauvignon percentage and love of fine dining, carries himself with a serene wisdom. His eyes hold the secrets of time and you never find him without a book in his hand and a beautiful lady on his arm.

There you have it—the Harry Hartman wine family. Each bottle is a personality waiting for you to get to know them. A friend of Harry’s is a friend of ours. 

Sitting men and hand reaching to pour wine


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