MYST 2023 | Pinot Noir

R 295.00

Elgin Pinot Noir

Elegant and mysterious, Myst is bright, translucent purple that is full-bodied with bold fruit and good acidity - each sip is an opportunity to indulge. Like the mist that lingers over the Elgin mountains, the fruity flavours of strawberry and raspberries and floral rose notes are accentuated by simple, smooth tannins.

Myst is 100% Pinot Noir that is grown on, the South African, Bokkeveld shale soils with high clay content on a south-facing slope. Bright, pale garnet, beautiful aromas of cherries and strawberry jam, floral notes, and hints of honey, the Myst 2022 allures one to experience a classic styled Pinot Noir. 

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Elegant and mysterious.

Meticulously crafted with grapes from one of the highest altitude vineyards of the prestigious Elgin wine region - this full-bodied red is loved for its bold fruit flavours. Like the mist that lingers over the mountains, these flavours are accentuated by a simple, smooth tannins, with an easy entry and lingering aftertaste.

The cooler climate of the region allows the grapes to remain connected to the roots of the vines, with thinner skins and therefore softer tannins. The result is an elegant wine that is delicate yet bold, subtle yet vibrant.


A beautiful deep purple, red colour that is bright and clear.


A very fruity wine on the nose with black and red berries, plum and dominating in ripe strawberries and raspberries. There are also notes of rose

Myst 2023 is a typical Pinot Noir, that is hidden at this stage but should be develop and reveal itself, just like the Elgin mountains amongst the surrounding mist, into a complex wine.


This Pinot Noir is highly full bodied with bold fruity flavours and good acidity. Simple with smooth tannins, Myst 2023 has an easy entry with lingering aftertaste. A fruity explosion that will develop into an even more beautiful and complex wine.

Can you picture the majestic mountains, blanketed in the cool mist?

Even in February, when the Cape Winelands reach scorchingly high temperatures, Elgin keeps its cool - early morning and nighttime temperatures as low as 13°C and beautiful days around 23°C.